Historic Sahara dust cloud kills Georgia residents

Georgia officials warn local residents of potential health problems associated with the Sahara dust cloud that has covered the state since the end of last week.

The Georgia Department of Health says that over the next few days, a cloud of dust will remain in the atmosphere above the region, and all residents, especially people with chronic lung diseases, must protect themselves because the sand cloud carries many health problems, especially for the respiratory system. Also, the dust cloud creates additional problems against the background of the exacerbation of the coronavirus pandemic in the southern states.

A dust plume arose in Africa earlier this year when a combination of weather factors caused the storms to raise dust, forming a dense plume stretching for about 5,000 km towards the United States. Dust from the Sahara reaches the United States every hurricane season, but this year’s clouds are historic – this is the densest cluster in the last 50-60 years.