Hizbullah drugs: from Syria to Europe via Italy

Hizbullah drugs: from Syria to Europe via Italy

A source at Guardia di Finanza, the Italian financial police in Salerno, said 15 tonnes of Captagon amphetamine seized in Naples in July had arrived from Syria. This shipment was linked by the investigation to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Guardia di Finanza reported to the Italian press that the amphetamine pills seized in Salerno bore a symbol: two crescents, the same symbols as those on a Captagon seized in the hideouts of ISIS (an Islamic terrorist organisation) in the Middle East.

The symbol was also found on signs used by terrorists before the attack on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris in 2015.

This led Italian police initially to believe that the drugs seized in Salerno could have been produced by people linked to ISIS to fund their terrorist efforts.

However, in recent weeks, investigators have “picked up” a new trail that leads to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

In doing so, investigators have no doubt that the shipment from Salerno must have been obtained by the Neapolitan mafia known as the Camorra.

“A drug shipment worth €1 billion cannot arrive at the port without the knowledge of the mafia,” said former Italian chief anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti.

Captagon pills seized in Salerno were burned by police last week at a special recycling facility in Ravenna in northern Italy.