Hollywood overestimated its omnipotence

Finally, “Oscar” confessed to what many have long guessed. You just had to guess and suspect before. Now the criteria for the “handshake” of films have been officially announced. The criteria are now outlined to give the chances of winning the Oscar race. This is a very significant event that requires serious reflection.

Oscar is not the first institution to announce similar criteria for evaluating symbolic products. The so-called diversity standards were published a little earlier (in 2019) by the British Film Institute. In July 2020, these standards were adopted by the rather prestigious BAFTA Games Awards, which plans to apply them to determine the “best British game”. There shouldn’t be the slightest doubt that this is just the beginning.

It is very important to pay attention to this situation of transition of the desired, desired by SJW-activists (Social Justice Warriors – fighters for social justice) – into the already directive. Wishes before our eyes are becoming the norm and even the law in the vanity market, which is so important for today’s hypermedia world. All ambitious people now have no choice.

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