10 months ago

Hong Kong Protesters Celebrate First March of Demonstrations with March of Millions

10 months ago

On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Hong Kong to mark a year of standing for democracy

This is discussed in the material of the international news agency Reuters.

It is noted that concerns about Chinese national security legislation have triggered yet another wave of protests in the global financial center.

Despite the ban on public gatherings, hundreds of protesters took to the streets.
Earlier Tuesday, protesters gathered in several shopping centers to chant slogans about promoting democracy. The action went peacefully and ended in an hour.

Some held placards that read, “We can’t breathe!” Free Hong Kong ”and“ Young Lives Matter, ”with reference to protests in anti-racist protests in the United States.

Last year, on June 9, according to various estimates, more than a million protesters took to the streets against a proposed law authorizing extradition to mainland China, where the courts are controlled by the Communist Party.

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