Horse killings in France: the police cannot catch the perpetrators for six months

In France, they are investigating the mysterious murders of horses, which have been taking place for six months throughout the country.

On the eve of the Minister of Agriculture of France Julien Denormandy said that law enforcement agencies are about a hundred cases related to the killing of domestic animals, primarily horses and donkeys. According to him, there are about 400 murders in total. At the same time, all killed horses had their ears cut off and their genitals damaged.

To find the criminals, the gendarmerie set up a special investigative unit, and the high-profile case took control of the leadership of the Fifth Republic. The police are considering several versions of the incidents. According to one of them, the murders could be part of the Internet challenge, in addition, it is possible that it could be some kind of ritual.

Earlier it was reported that in early September, police managed to catch a man suspected of the mass murder of horses. However, he was later released.

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