House of Representatives ignored Trump’s veto of defense budget

House of Representatives ignored Trump's veto of defense budget

The U.S. House of Representatives, despite President Trump’s veto, approved next year’s $740 billion defense budget bill.

Donald Trump opposed the defense budget bill because of sanctions against Nord Stream 2, which would include companies that facilitate the sale, lease or provision of pipelayers, as well as firms that provide services, funds to upgrade or install equipment on them.

In a statement, Trump called the document a gift to Russia and China because it fails to include “important national security provisions, contains clauses that hurt veterans and military history, and runs counter to the administration’s efforts to secure a paramount U.S. position on national security and foreign policy.”

The document is set to be adopted by the Senate on Dec. 29.

Earlier, Biden stated the importance of innovation in defense because of Russia and China. U.S. President-elect Joseph Biden called Russia and China the sources of new challenges and strategic threats, for which the country’s defense must be adapted.