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How do men of different zodiac signs relate to children?

11 months ago

It is impossible to find exactly the same dads all over the world because of the difference in behavior and upbringing.

However, astrologers claim that some common features are inherent in each zodiac sign. It will be useful for women to find out which father of the family the current partner will be.


Representatives of the fire sign perceive their children as a long-term project in which it is profitable to invest time and finances. Mars wards come to a new experience with their characteristic responsibility, therefore they will surely record the heir in various circles and sections. Aries are indifferent to strange peanuts, but usually they don’t have a soul in their relatives, raising a worthy generation.


Wards of Venus also invest decent amounts in children, considering this a promising investment. Taurus gladly acquire offspring, not limited to one baby in the family. Representatives of the earth sign do not spare money on the education of heirs, they are happy to share life experiences and bring up personal examples. Taurus expect equal returns from the heirs, therefore they rejoice in their successes and reciprocal care.


Representatives of the air sign never grow up, therefore they make an excellent company for children in games and fun. If between the Gemini and the child did not form a friendly relationship, the ward of Mercury will quickly lose interest in the offspring. Representatives of the elements of air will be limited to the standard volume of attention, performing the role of “Sunday Pope”. With great pleasure, the Twins are busy with other people’s children, because they do not need to be answered.


Caring and sensitive representatives of the water sign from an early age dream of a large and friendly family. They pay attention to neighboring children, brothers, sisters and nephews. Wards of the Moon are ready for much for the sake of their own children, so they will try to protect him from the cruelty of the outside world. Astrologers advise not to practice total care, so as not to raise an infantile personality.


Representatives of the fire sign do not need children, therefore they constantly postpone their appearance in the family. Lions explain their reluctance to acquire offspring due to their unstable financial situation, cramped apartment and even health problems. The kid appears at the ward of the Sun quite by accident, and the representative of the elements of fire becomes for him a holiday pope. More serious responsibilities are assigned to other family members.


Wards of Mercury have children under pressure from society, because “it is necessary” or “the time has come.” The virgins will try to raise a worthy citizen, provide a better education and give way to life, but even after years they will not be able to perceive him as an adult and independent person. Representatives of the earth sign are able to support children until retirement, but they will never talk heart to heart with them.


In wards of Venus, procreation is associated with responsibility, which causes a feeling of panic and fear. Representatives of the air sign enjoy playing with other people’s children, but are completely indifferent to their own. Libra has to learn the basics of caring for a baby, and over time they can become the most tender and loving fathers. Since indecision is characteristic of the elements of the air, children will twist the ropes from them.


At heart, wards of Pluto adore children, but men’s brutality does not allow confessing sincere feelings. Scorpions do not immediately decide on the birth of a baby because of fear of making a fatal mistake in education. They understand that they are responsible for the life and fate of the heir, therefore they become fathers in adulthood. From the representatives of the water sign, dad heroes are obtained who are ready to create a separate world for their beloved child.


Astrologers advise not to rush Jupiter’s wards with paternity. Sagittarius for a long time get used to the newborn, who at first seems to them a funny pet. The representative of the fire sign with curiosity watches the baby, and this communication ends. Gradually, the desire to take care of the offspring comes to Sagittarius, after which the father and child become best friends.


Saturn’s wards do well without children, so there are many followers of the Childfree direction among the representatives of the earth sign. Capricorns are not interested in other people’s children, and they get used to their kids with difficulty. A strict man will try to turn offspring into a profitable investment, realizing his own destroyed plans and unfulfilled dreams in a child’s fate. Capricorns consider punishment an integral part of education.


Representatives of the air sign do not skimp on the financial support of the offspring, but the emotional connection between the heirs and the father is very rare. Sincere relations, astrologers call the merit of posterity, not dad. Aquarius more often than other representatives of the zodiac circle send children to summer camps, school trips or the village to not too caring relatives.


Wards of Neptune adore their children and feel the slightest change in their mood. Fish readily take care of offspring, teach important and useful things, devoting all their free time to joint leisure. Representatives of the water sign sacrifice a lot for the sake of the well-being of the offspring and support them in the most difficult situations. However, the fee will be required in the form of conditions that must be unconditionally fulfilled.

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