How expensive will air travel be after the pandemic?

11 months ago

As countries develop plans to open borders and businesses, airlines note the return of passenger traffic, the question arises: how expensive will air tickets be when “all this” is over?

Social distance means fewer seats sold, as average seats in rows will not be sold, so airline ticket prices will start to rise in price. For example, Delta Air Lines limits the flight load to June 30, allowing only 50-60% of available seats to be booked on a flight. Other airlines that apply similar rules – Emirates, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, United, Wizz Air. This means that losses from blocking average seats are likely to fall on passengers – tickets will include this difference.

Global Airline Trade Association, wants to say the last word in the issue of social distance was decided by the carriers themselves. However, Henry Harteveldt, an airline analyst at Atmosphere Research Group, thinks that such a decision means choosing money over people’s health. “Fear and trust will be two emotions in people’s focus when planning a trip, and if a person doesn’t feel that the airline has adequate respect for their health, they will find another,” he says.

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