How has COVID-19 changed the world? The punishment of nature or a natural process?

12 months ago

What is going on in the world today? Coronavirus and new principles of life of people and existence of states. Has nature given us what we deserve or is it an accident?

The world will change forever. People finally realize how dangerous other life forms are and will be more careful with them. Even a virus that is millions of times smaller than man himself is very dangerous. It’s almost invisible, but it can kill a man. There is still no patented cure for the virus and the “crown of nature’s creation”, unfortunately, still suffers from a pandemic caused by this microscopic brainless creature.

What other dangers does this world hide, of which humans are unaware? I’m afraid that mankind will have to learn about all this in practice.

Humans are trying to separate themselves from nature by believing they’ve outdone someone in something. But the development of a large brain in man does not make him invulnerable or super powerful. A small creature that cannot even be called a creature to its fullest extent has brought the whole world to its knees. “The crown of nature” suddenly ceased to be that. You know the consequences of this little creature’s appearance.

Do I consider it to be some kind of punishment to humans from nature? Definitely not. Humans have always been part of it. Even when they started building houses, even when they went down to the bottom of the ocean, even when they flew into space. Agriculture and genetic engineering? Ants have been doing it for millions of years. I can give many such examples, but the essence is the same: man is personified from most other creatures by his developed consciousness, but in general, nothing else. We haven’t gone far from nature, let alone separated from it.

Everybody knows what natural population control is in nature. Let’s imagine a field where lions and antelopes live. As soon as the antelope becomes abundant, the lions have a lot of food and it means that over time the lions will breed. As soon as there are many lions, there will be less food for them, and the antelope will start dying from lack of food. The antelope will become bigger again and with time the cycle will repeat itself.

Back to our little deadly creatures – viruses. Do people still think they’re separated from nature? The more people accumulate in some area, the more viral mutations occur. It’s a natural process. The more people accumulate, the more viruses, the greater the chance that one of them will become deadly. Isn’t this a natural population regulation in nature? Of course, humans have taken measures to protect themselves against large animals and even natural hazards, but what about viruses? It is in the direction of protection against viruses that mankind will move now, because we already have protection against lions and bears.

How will the world change? – Not only will people learn to distance themselves and work remotely, but they will naturally begin to spend more money on studying the micro-world in order not to be banally destroyed by it.

The world has changed and will never be the same again, we all understand it clearly. So what has this virus given us, besides human tragedy and the collapse of the world economy? If you think strategically, this is what will change fundamentally:

Humans will turn their attention to the study of the micro-world. Man himself is made up of trillions of cells and bacteria, a huge collection of microorganisms that function together. This is amazing. So why fly far into space and study some other planet without understanding how man himself works? What kind of attempt to do something that is not a priority? It’s like arguing with loved ones, when instead of solving a question someone goes to wash dishes, trying to keep silent, to forget a problem, instead of discussing and solving it. It’s the same as when people go into space without dealing with the first things. How much do people know about the micro-world? A lot! But, unfortunately, people are still dying from a little inferiority called COVID-19. So after the epidemic, mankind will naturally choose to study man himself and everything around us, including the little assholes – viruses.

Space exploration is also important to civilization because it helps us understand the world around us. But where will mankind turn now?

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