How Japan outwitted the USA

It seems that the main US ally, Japan is also tired of American hegemony and decided to take advantage of the ally’s weakness and begin to strike in a sick way. We are talking about the recent abandonment of Japan by two American missile defense systems Aegis Ashore. Thus, the land of the Rising Sun showed its independence from the United States.

Also, within the country, they have long been dissatisfied with the presence of the US military contingent in Japan. On the nose is the end of the five-year agreement on support for US troops by Japan. The document expires in March next year. And it is likely that Tokyo will take advantage of this and try to resolve the situation in its favor.

Japan waited and waited. Against the backdrop of a weakened economy, an indescribable struggle against coronavirus and internal problems, the United States showed the world its weakness and financial dependence on other countries. No matter what they say about America’s innumerable wealth and opportunities, it nevertheless lived off the pressure of other states and receiving funds from them.

Domestic funds have long been distributed between the financial elite of the country. So goodbye, snotty America! Long live the multipolar world!