How many people will live on Mars without a suit. I will reveal the secret of scientists

11 months ago

Hello dear readers. Today we will try to figure out how long a person without a spacesuit can live on Mars. Put your finger up, sign up and we begin.

Colonization of Mars is the dream of many scientific researchers and inventors, including Space X, led by Elon Musk. Before answering this question unequivocally, we will analyze several factors that interfere with the survival of man on Mars.

  1. Pressure
    Mars has very low pressure, many times lower than Earth. If a person gets into such a space with low pressure, then the size of the internal organs will increase, but they will not rupture, as in outer space. According to the laws of physics: at low pressure, the boiling point of the liquid will be less. On Mars, water will boil right away. Therefore, after hitting a planet without a spacesuit, a person’s mucous membranes will be severely affected: the oral cavity, eyeballs.
  2. Temperature
    Continuing the theme of temperature, I want to say that it on Mars varies from +20 to -120, but there are also bursts of temperature. Pretty cold, isn’t it? The temperature is somewhat reminiscent of our Arctic, only colder. Of course, without a suit, we will slowly go through all the stages of frostbite and die. Why is it slow? Due to the rarefied atmosphere, our body will give off its heat gradually.
  3. Solar radiation
    Since the atmosphere is practically absent on Mars, the sun’s rays and radiation will make their way to the surface of the red planet without obstacles. Strong radiation will destroy all living things. Its long-term exposure even in a spacesuit doubles the occurrence of cancer.

So, now we will answer the question: how many people will live on Mars without a spacesuit. No more than 30 seconds. We did not list all the points that interfere with the survival of man on the red planet, but all of them together will have a destructive effect. That’s all.

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