How Might Chief Get Skyy Moore Include Offensively?

The Kansas City Chiefs offense has began the 2022 season with an impressive start considering the changes they have experienced together during the offseason. The Chiefs are currently ranked seventh in yards per game (374.0) as well as 6th in the number of yards they pass in a game (281.0) and fourth in the number of points scored per game (29.3). If there’s a place that has the potential to improve is the an inexperienced wide receiver Skyy Moore more involved.

The No. 54 overall pick during the 2022 NFL Draft, Moore was supposed to lead the new look pass-catching team which was slain by Tyreek Hill. The expectation didn’t always been fulfilled. Moore has had just one touchdown reception of 30 yards in three games. This is his only receiver of the season. Moore has been playing just 23 offensive games. This is obviously a tiny sample size, however Moore changing his single goal into a dazzling 30 yard pass play suggests that the Chiefs are wise to play him more regularly. There are many methods that head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy can achieve that.

There’s an explanation for why Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach (with Reid’s input sure) has identified Moore to be the best second-round option. Their union is a that’s made for heaven. Moore’s ability of creating for himself after catching was among his main selling factors as a potential player in Western Michigan. The speedy passing game that has built-in options is a mainstay in Kansas City’s attack. The Chiefs utilized RPO components in 78 of their passing plays in the last season, which was the third-highest percentage of all NFL offenses (data from SIS).

Being able to have Moore take slant route routes from RPO action is a fantastic method to let him make a mess both in the pre- and post catch. It’s actually one of his personal favorites.

“If I had to pick a favorite route, I would probably go with a slant route,” Moore stated to The Draft Network in March. “I enjoy anything that’s an breaking route. It allows me to make something for myself following you catch the fish,” Moore concluded.

This is one of the ways the Chiefs can put Moore in a position to win. Moore is a certain goal in the mid-range areas on the field. Utilizing Moore as a target in this way could take out opposing defenses who were already wary of letting Travis Kelce take on his opponents in this same spot. Moore’s ability to align gives Bieniemy along with the Chiefs with a wealth of possibilities. It could be a burden on defenses that are focused on Kelce’s incredibleness as well.

Moore was also a part of the backfield during the training camp at times. This is an interesting area the Chiefs might want to explore. Line-ups with Moore across their lineup creates a challenging task and especially when he is able to get an advantageous match-up with the backfield. The idea of having linebackers or safety players take over Moore will give Kansas City the advantage every time. The idea of allowing more touches to Moore will result in more exciting plays.

It’s worth noting that Moore must also meet his obligations. Moore was unable to catch a crucial kick in the opening quarter of the Kansas City team’s Week 3 defeat to Indianapolis. The Colts took advantage of the chance to score the touchdown on their next play. Moore will not get more playing time making mistakes on special teams.

Kansas City’s offense has proven efficient and effective. The Chiefs are among the Super Bowl favorites for the fourth time in a row. Reid’s offense has passed the life-after-Hill test in great success. The next step to build on that success could be achieved by introducing Moore with the volume that is expected.

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