How the actress who played the role of Calypso in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” looks like in real life

11 months ago

After the release of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”, many viewers liked the actress who played the role of Calypso. This actress was Naomi Harris, who immediately gained wild popularity. The woman played an interesting role as the goddess Calypso, who posed as a fortune-teller Dalmu.

This role made a huge impression on the audience. They literally fell in love with a mysterious and emotional actress. Her game was really great!

But the appearance of Naomi did not cause the fear necessary for the film. Make-up artists had to spend several hours to make an ominous person out of a beautiful girl.

Inborn beauty and talent
Harris’s career began as early as 11 years. At such a young age, the girl first debuted as an actress. Later, she decided to connect her fate with this case and entered the theater university, which was popular at that time.

The first popularity of the actress brought a movie called “28 days later.” Naomi got the opportunity to play the most important role there, which brought her great success.

Now the woman is trying to hide her personal life from the press. It is not known whether she has a chosen one at the moment. But while Naomi is not married and has no children. At 43, she lives for her pleasure, pursues a career.

But it is worth paying tribute to the fact that the actress looks much younger than her age. Many modeling agencies offer Harris major contracts. And despite such a mature age, she continues to adorn the glossy covers of women’s magazines.

Naomi fans are constantly delighted with her style. A woman appears in public only in exquisite and beautiful outfits. It can be called a real style icon. Apparently impeccable taste was given to the actress by nature.

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