How the brains of men and women differ: a new study

How the brains of men and women differ: a new study

The female brain is dominated by many advantages.

One of the most popular hypotheses is that female and male brains have different structures. There is an opinion that both women and men do everything differently because of this difference in brain function. Therefore, foreign scientists conducted a study to establish the difference in the work of the male and female brain.

According to the scientists, the brain of the fairer sex has an advantage. Women have a larger corpus callosum. That’s why this connection helps to unite our hemispheres.

So far, researchers have not been able to figure out how this advantage manifests itself in practice. Structurally, the brains of men and women are almost identical.

And the changes that exist between men and women are more related to logic and behavior and are only the result of education and upbringing based on accepted gender differences.