How to get alcohol out of the body quickly: a method has been found

Canadian scientists have developed an efficient and quick method of alcohol removal from the body.

The results of this research are published in the journal Scientific Reports.

According to scientists, up to 90% of alcohol is eliminated from the body by the liver. The process can be slightly accelerated by intravenous fluid injection and oxygen supply. Researchers from the University Healthcare Network in Toronto suggested using lungs. Specialists found out that deep and rapid breathing leads to alcohol withdrawal three times faster than through the liver.

This method was known before, but it was rarely used, because a person loses a lot of carbon dioxide when forced exhalation. This, in turn, causes dizziness, fainting and numbness of hands and feet.

In this regard, the authors of the study developed a compact device that allows maintaining the level of carbon dioxide in the patient’s blood during hyperventilation. The equipment consists of a small reservoir, several connecting tubes, a mask and a valve system.

“It is a very simple device that can be easily manufactured anywhere in the world. It does not require electronics, computers or special filters. It’s amazing how we didn’t come up with it decades ago,” explained Dr. Joseph Fischer.

According to the authors, the concept they developed will not only create new methods to treat severe alcohol intoxication, but also help those who want to sober up quickly.