“How to get rid of this?” Trump wanted to sell Puerto Rico

U.S. President Donald Trump proposed selling Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane that happened in 2017. About this edition of The New York Times said the former acting Minister of Homeland Security Elaine Duke. She also noted that Trump’s initial ideas were more the ideas of a businessman, not a president.

US President Donald Trump has been considering selling Puerto Rico (an island controlled by Washington) after the devastating hurricane Mary in 2017. This was told by the former acting US Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke in an interview with The New York Times.

“You know, the president’s initial ideas were more like businessman’s ideas,” she said. – Can we transfer electricity to outsourcing? Can we sell the island? Do you know how to get rid of this asset? ”

At the same time, she emphasized that the idea of ​​selling the island was never seriously considered after that.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017. As a result, more than 60 people died. Assistance to the inhabitants of the island and the elimination of the consequences of the hurricane became the subject of a public skirmish between Trump and the local authorities of Puerto Rico. The latter accused the White House of insufficient support. In response, the US president said that the mayor of San Juan, the island’s capital, Carmen Cruz has “poor leadership skills,” and some residents of the island “want everyone to do for them.”

The head of the White House accused the government of Puerto Rico of disposing of funds allocated from Washington for the restoration of the island for other purposes.

In November 2018, representatives of the White House said that the president did not want additional funding to be sent to the island to provide assistance.

The actions of the President of the United States have also been mixed. “I don’t want to say this to you, but you spoiled our budget a little, but everything is in order,” Trump said during his visit to San Juan.

The American leader also added that 16 people died as a result of Hurricane Mary, which is several times less than Hurricane Katrina, the most destructive in US history. However, in reality, the number of victims is much greater.

Donald Trump, however, denied that Washington did not do enough to provide assistance to the inhabitants of the island and to deal with the consequences of the hurricane. “No one would do what I did for Puerto Rico without having the due respect. So much work!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The statement by Elaine Duke that the head of the White House was proposing to sell Paurto Rico could affect the results of the referendum on the island becoming part of the United States. Voting is scheduled for November 3 on the island’s general election day.

Puerto Rico has the status of an unincorporated organized territory – the territory is under the control of the United States, but is not part of the country.

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Residents of the island are US citizens and pay some taxes, but the US Constitution in Puerto Rico is limited. In the US Congress, the island is represented by only one delegate who does not have the right to vote. Residents of the island do not participate in the presidential election, but can conduct primaries without the participation of their representatives in the electoral college.

The upcoming referendum will be the third in eight years. In 2012, 61% of the island’s residents voted to join the United States, but Washington ignored these results.

In 2017, again the vast majority of citizens supported the decision to join the United States. However, then the turnout was only 23%. Representatives of the Republican Party opposed, the initiative was also not supported by the Ministry of Justice.

If Puerto Rico becomes part of the country, the first state will appear in the United States, whose inhabitants do not speak English. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has traditionally enjoyed popularity on the island. Accordingly, if Puerto Ricans again speak out for joining the United States, and the American Congress supports them, this will affect the alignment of political forces in the country.

The statement by Elaine Duke that some of the president’s ideas were more of a business nature is reflected not only in his intention to sell the island.

In August last year, The Washington Post, citing its source, said that the US Presidential Administration was ready to offer Denmark $ 600 million for Greenland. Moreover, this is the amount of payments per year for transferring the island into perpetual possession. After that, Trump confirmed that he was interested in the possibility of buying Greenland.

“This is what we talked about. Such an idea came up, and I said that in the strategic plan it is interesting and arouses interest in us, ”he told reporters.

When asked whether the United States could exchange one of its own regions for Greenland, the American president replied that many options were possible.

“Essentially, this is a major real estate deal,” Trump said.