How to improve your mental state in seconds

A way has been found to make thinking positive and improve mental health in seconds, scientists said.

According to scientists from the University of South Australia, a smile is enough. This is reported in the journal Experimental Psychology.

The experts conducted a study with the participation of volunteers – all of them held a pen between their teeth, making the facial muscles imitate a smile. The results of the experiment showed that muscles affect not only the mimicry, but also the body, causing more positive emotions.

At the same time, according to scientists, there is no need to experience real joy.

A smile has a positive effect in any form.

“When a person’s muscles say that he is happy, he has a better chance to see the world around him in a positive way. When a person smiles on purpose, it stimulates the almond-shaped body, the emotional center of the brain, which releases neurotransmitters to achieve an emotionally positive state”, – explained the experts.