How To Link Books To Videos On TikTok?

The most recent good announcement of TikTok is for book lovers since they are now able to link books to video content on the platform However, how exactly can they do this? We’ve given a step-by step description of how to link the books and videos to TikTok. Check it out!

TikTok has been rolling out updates each day. In the last few days, it added a feature which you can mark an “Unlike” on remarks you do not like. A few users found the feature beneficial but others are completely against it , and have discussed the feature on Twitter.

In addition, TikTok is also working on a variety of other features that were announced couple of months back. TikTok revealed that they’re developing new features to improve user experience.

Another interesting trend we’ve observed on TikTok is that it favors those who enjoy reading books, especially those who write book reviews. You heard it correctly! You can now include hyperlinks to books in your TikTok videos. It is a great idea.

Here is more information on how to connect books with TikTok video and what the possible benefits are. Take a look!

You Can Now Link Books To Videos On TikTok

If you’re one who likes to immerse yourself in the realm of fantasy by reading books and novels, TikTok has come up with something that is really fascinating for you.

Since TikTok’s debut on the platform, the Booktok group using the platform has grown rapidly. Book lovers discuss their reading experiences and discuss what they enjoyed and disliked about a certain book. Many have gained millions of followers simply by publishing content on reviews of books.

To all of these readers, TikTok has done a favour for all of them. Prior to this feature, which is extremely useful, TikTok users were not allowed to add hyperlinks to books in their videos. However, now the most-awaited feature is available to users of the video sharing app.

One of the things that concerns me about this feature isthat it isn’t accessible to all users. Unfortunately, the feature is in the test phase. Once accepted, it will be accessible to all users.

At present, this useful feature is currently only available to a select group of users from certain regions. But, we hope that it will eventually be available to everyone else too.

TikTok Link Books To Videos

If you’re among the fortunate TikTok users that have acces to the feature as of now, here’s how you can link video books with TikTok:

  • In order to link a book with the TikTok video, you’ll first need to create the video in the same way you normally would.
  • For instance, if enjoy creating content, such as giving review of books, then first make a video.
  • After you’ve recorded your video, click on the option that says ‘Add Link’.
  • In the menu that appears on your screen, click the option ‘Books’..
  • From this page, you can connect any book to this page.
  • After you’ve selected the book it will appear in the video caption.

The feature is only accessible to those who live in the US and the UK. If you are a book lover that aren’t in these two countries they will need to wait a bit longer to avail this incredible feature.

The Last Words

It was all about what the brand new feature of linking TikTok videos of books are and how to make use of this awesome feature. I hope that the information you received was beneficial.

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