How two hunters stumbled upon a living dinosaur in the far North

11 months ago

There are many stories where people saw with their own eyes creatures that resembled prehistoric animals and dinosaurs that survived to modern days. Most often, such meetings with unknown creatures take place in Africa and South America, where warm weather and high temperatures remain year-round.

But one of these stories was especially interesting for scientists, since one of the eyewitnesses was able to meet with such a creature not in a warm country, but in northern Canada. An eyewitness claims that the animal that he happened to meet, looks very much like a tyrannosaurus. Moreover, this story is far from modern. A meeting with an unknown animal took place in 1908, when paleontology, as a science, was just beginning to emerge.

This story happened two years earlier, before it was published in a French newspaper, thanks to which it became known throughout the world. This is a story about two hunters living in the wilderness of the Yukon, which borders Alaska. Two friends, one of whom is a banker and the other a local gold miner, went to those cold lands to hunt moose.

For a long time, friends tracked three moose, and, in the end, were able to get close to them. They continued to wait for the right moment for the attack, when they suddenly saw that one of the largest individuals, who, apparently, was the leader of the flock, jerked alarmingly from the bushes, made a heart-rending cry, and at his command the three moose fled in a panic. Men were perplexed that so much could frighten their prey.

After some time, the hunters nevertheless tracked down the moose, running away, and decided to follow in their footsteps in order to catch up with prey. After a while, next to the moose’s tracks, they saw other, huge tracks of an unknown animal. They were not less than eighty centimeters wide, and almost one and a half meters in length. The hunters wondered what kind of beast could leave such huge traces. Apparently, the animal was very large, because the traces left were very deep, and immediately filled with swamp water. The men also noted that there were noticeable traces of dragging near the tracks, which led to the idea that this beast has a huge tail.

Overcoming fear, they continued to follow the trail, and soon stumbled upon the one whom they had been pursuing for a long time. It was a huge reptile that weighed at least eighty tons. The animal stood on two large legs. His mouth was filled with a large number of teeth, and a horn appeared on his nose, like a rhino.

The hunters continued to stare at the find for more than ten minutes. All this time the animal did not pay any attention to them, continuing to slowly move through the wasteland. Returning home, the hunters told everything to their friends, and asked them to put together an expedition to track the strange animal, but no one believed in the existence of a giant dinosaur.

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