Huawei named the differences of its operating system from Android

Huawei named the differences of its operating system from Android

Huawei has clarified the differences between its HarmonyOS, Android and iOS.

The difference between the popular operating systems for smartphones was explained by Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer software department. Chenglu said during the Sina 2020 Technology Billboard conference that the company’s own OS differs from the others in supporting multiple platforms. The top manager mentioned smartphones, computers, cars and other appliances that can run HarmonyOS.

He also said that the company believes in the potential of the OS, given the growing market for the Internet of things (IoT). Moreover, Wang Chenglu has noticed that HarmonyOS has an open source code, thanks to which the developers will be able to fine-tune their applications to the system. The main drawback of the OS representative said the likely errors, which can occur during the deployment of HarmonyOS on millions of devices around the world.

In turn, the main advantage of the Android Chenglu noted the open source, but noted that the OS is limited to a single platform and does not have continuity of development. The top manager of the Chinese corporation praised iOS for its quick work, but noted the closed nature of the system from Apple. He also highlighted that developers had to adapt their apps to iOS and the exclusive requirements of the App Store.

Wang Chenglu concluded by summarizing that HarmonyOS is not a copy of the aforementioned iOS or Android. The head of consumer software said that Huawei intends to install the operating system on 300-400 million gadgets in 2021.

At the end of 2020, journalists from XDA Developers caught Huawei copying Android. The experts studied the beta version of the operating system and found compatibility errors in it, similar to those found on smartphones running the operating system from Google.