Huge remnants of an alien world are hiding inside the Earth

4 weeks ago

A new study suggests that part of the alien world that crashed into the newborn Earth and created the Moon may have remained inside our planet — somewhere closer to the core.

The two giant chunks of matter lurking deep beneath Earth’s surface could be the remnants of another planet called Teia, which astrophysicists calculate collided with the young Earth and resulted in Earth having the Moon. The proposal may sound like the synopsis of a science-fiction epic, but it is actually a new hypothesis proposed by scientists in a presentation at the 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2021.

The team, led by Qian Yuan, a graduate student studying geological sciences at Arizona State University, suggests that two mysteriously dense zones more than 1,000 kilometers below Earth’s surface are “remnants of mantle material from Teia.”

Yuan and his colleagues support this strange idea with geodynamic models, as well as collected data on underground zones, which are known as large regions of low shear rate or, more informally, as “blobs. They reach the size of a continent and are located beneath the Pacific Ocean and in West Africa. The zones are hundreds of miles high and thousands of miles wide, making them the most massive formations in the Earth’s interior.

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