Hundreds of armed men inundated an American city

Hundreds of armed men gathered in the small town of Gettysburg in the US state of Pennsylvania. They wanted to prevent the Antifa movement from spoiling Confederate monuments and burning US flags on July 4, Independence Day.

According to The Washington Post, the “self-proclaimed militias” learned about Antifa’s plans from social networks. Gettysburg was chosen as the venue because one of the most bloody battles took place in these places during the Civil War in the United States.

Representatives of ultra-right groups, bikers, skinheads and from different American states decided to prevent the barbaric plans of the protesters. Many of them promised to bring weapons with them.

As a result, according to The Washington Post, on July 4, several hours before the planned action, hundreds of armed people arrived at the battlefield and cemetery in Gettysburg. They waved the flags of the Confederation and guarded the monuments. At the cemetery, the militias met a man who seemed suspicious to them, although he had just come to visit the grave of his relative. The man was surrounded by an aggressive crowd, and only the arrival of the police defused the situation.

Later it turned out that a person who posted messages on Antifa’s plans on social networks distributed false information, and no actions were planned in Gettysburg on Independence Day.

This is not the first such case in the United States: in June, hundreds of armed men who allegedly found out about Antifa’s plans were already gathering in Idaho, Michigan, South Dakota, and New Jersey.