Hundreds of transgender inmates to be transferred to women’s prisons

1 week ago

Hundreds of transgender inmates in California’s men’s prisons have demanded that they be transferred to women’s facilities in 2021, a demand they are entitled to under a new law that took effect in January. According to the Los Angeles Times, some of them are suspected of defrauding authorities.

So far, only a few criminals have been transferred to women’s prisons in response to requests, and not one inmate has yet been rejected. It is noted that the prison system, once the law goes into effect, is obliged to treat prisoners according to the gender identity they themselves demand.

Consideration is also being given to the transfer to women’s prisons of prisoners who have not undergone any surgery. According to the publication, both the staff and the inmates themselves expect an increase in sexual violence in women’s prisons because of this.

Earlier, the Canadian authorities resorted to similar measures – there, in women’s prisons were among the male transgender inmates convicted of raping women and girls. A group of women activists, outraged by what is happening, is calling for prisons to retain a distinction based on biological sex rather than gender identity.

In 2018, a man transferred to a women’s prison in Britain, referred to in the media as Karen White, was found guilty of a series of rapes. After he was transferred from a men’s prison, he began assaulting female inmates. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, under British law his “sex change” operations are paid for by the public health system.

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