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Hunter Biden talks about his affair with his brother’s widow

1 week ago

In an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, Hunter Biden (son of U.S. President Joe Biden) spoke openly about his affair with his brother’s widow and his struggle with drug abuse. The president’s son told it all as part of the promotion of his memoir Beautiful Things.

Hunter Biden, 51, shared that he used a lot of drugs, and after his brother Beau died (died in 2015 of brain cancer), he started drinking vodka so heavily that his father had to step in. Hunter noted that his wife Melissa helped take control of his life in 2019, but before her he had a relationship with Hallie Biden, his own brother’s widow. Their romantic relationship began in 2017.

Hunter spent a lot of time at his brother’s house after his death, and that, he said, brought him and Hallie closer together. Biden’s son began a relationship with Hallie while still officially married to his first spouse.

“I think it confused people. And I understand that. It’s not hard for me to explain. Because it was because of real, overwhelming grief that we both shared. We were together and trying to do the right thing. That grief turned into hope for love, which perhaps could replace what we had lost,” Hunter Biden said.

He noted that the relationship with Halley did not work out, and because of them, he lost clients and business and resigned from the board of directors of the World Food Program USA.

During his relationship with Hallie, Hunter Biden became a father to a child by an Arkansas woman. He has three other children with his first wife and a son named Beau with Melissa Cohen, whom he married a month after he separated from Hallie. Before the wedding, Hunter and Melissa dated for only six days.

Hunter Biden’s memoir, which also describes his relationship with his father, comes out Tuesday.

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