Hurricane Poletta approaches Bermuda

Hurricane Poletta approaches Bermuda

The element will show itself on Sunday, at the same time hurricane “Sally” is going to the US state of Florida

The rogue storm Pauletta, which formed in the Atlantic Ocean, has intensified to a hurricane and is heading towards Bermuda, the US National Hurricane Watch Center (NHC) reports.

According to weather forecasters, the maximum wind speed reaches 75 miles per hour. The speed of the storm is 14 miles per hour, with gusts up to 110 feet per second, which corresponds to the first category hurricane.

High winds and heavy rain are expected to hit the islands by Sunday evening

At the same time, a tropical storm, named “Sally”, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico the day before, is moving towards the coast of the American state of Florida. It is estimated that it will hit Florida on Monday morning.

An emergency regime has been introduced in the state. Against this background, some energy companies are also evacuating workers from oil and gas production platforms located in the Gulf of Mexico, and they are temporarily closed.