“I feel alive”: Former drug addict captured his transformation in the photo “before” and “after”

12 months ago

Travis Robinson has not been using drugs for 800 days. A reminder of the path he traveled are photos that a man took during the fight against addiction – capturing an amazing transformation.

“I finally feel alive,” Robinson wrote in a tweet published on the 745th day of sobriety and has already collected more than 847,500 likes. Travis regularly publishes his selfies on social networks, answering questions from other users. When asked about rehabilitation, the man honestly answers: this is the most difficult thing that he has ever done.


The transformation Robinson went through is unbelievable. From a depleted man with tired, empty eyes, he gradually turned into a man full of strength and energy. “It is simply unbelievable that now I am so happy and found a job that I adore. – writes Travis. “Life is an amazing thing.”

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