“I started knocking on his head”: a man courageously threw himself into the water and saved his dog, which the alligator grabbed

11 months ago

A resident of Florida was forced to play a “tug of war” with an alligator who grabbed his dog and dragged it into the river

Trent Tweeddale walked with his dog – 6-year-old Loki – in Wesley Chapel (Pasco County). The dog ran along the shallow river when it was attacked by an alligator nearly 13 feet long. Tweddale, a former army staff sergeant, joined the battle. “I grabbed the dog collar to try to pull Loki, in the end I just got into the tug of war with this alligator, and the alligator did not let go,” the man told WFLA. “Then I let go of the collar, knee-deep into the water and started banging on the head of the alligator until he let go of Loki.”

Twaddale got off only with scratches, but Loki’s front paw was almost bitten off, and the dog needed an emergency operation. “The paw just hung on a piece of skin,” the man added. – Veterinarians inserted metal plates and screws. We hope that he will be able to fully use his paws. ” Now Trent Twaddale is determined to catch the alligator and has already set a trap with the help of the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife. “We love our dog very much, and I will fight for it with all my strength,” said the Florida.

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