“I thought it was a hoax”: A Texas resident died of a coronavirus at a COVID party

Texas Millennial died of coronavirus – shortly after being at one of the so-called COVID parties

“I thought coronavirus was a hoax,” admitted the patient, who was not even thirty, to the hospital staff shortly before his death. According to Dr. Jane Appleby of Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio, such parties are often deliberately staged with COVID-19 infections. Presumably, their goal is to find out if the virus is real and if any of the guests will get infected. “Before dying, the patient looked at his nurse and said:“ I think I made a mistake. I thought coronavirus was a hoax, but it’s not, ”Appleby said in an interview with NBC. The identity, age and gender of the patient were not disclosed. According to statistics, an outbreak of cases of COVID-19 is currently observed in Texas. In San Antonio reported about 18 thousand cases of the virus. More than 1200 patients are hospitalized.