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“I was so scared”: Kim Kardashian discovered to have an anxiety disorder

"I was so scared": Kim Kardashian discovered to have an anxiety disorder

In a recently released bonus scene from the latest season of the reality show KUWTK, Kim Kardashian admitted to having a phobia and mental health issues.

According to her, she suffers from agoraphobia (a fear of open spaces and crowded places). The disorder began to manifest itself more frequently during the quarantine period, Kim admitted in a conversation with her sister Chloe.

Kim first experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, in 2016, after her room was robbed at the No Address hotel in Paris. Recall that’s when Kardashian and West lost $10.8 million worth of jewelry. She told her sister about her first feelings: “It was kind of a lot of anxiety, but on a different level. I feel like I definitely had agoraphobia after the robbery in Paris.”

In the aftermath, Kardashian is afraid of crowds of fans wanting photos or autographs, and she recalls the time after the mugging particularly hard: “I was so scared. People were trying to come up to Kanye and say something to him, to come up to me and ask for pictures.”

Taking pictures with fans is now very difficult for the star, because she doesn’t know exactly what they really want from her: “No no no! I can’t even do it remotely, unless the fans have selfie sticks and will take pictures six feet away from me.”

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