“Ian” The Tropical Cyclone Is Still Active


The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Ian’s northern region are expected to move further north throughout the night and through Saturday morning. After the early morning of Saturday the torrential rain will gradually diminish to isolated showers.

The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Ian will be moving up into Virginia. Today, showers are expected to be mostly light, with a few heavy downpours being possible. the winds could increase to 40 mph in some instances. The highs for Saturday are expected to be around 60-70 degrees, and even though there’s the possibility of some showers but the skies should become clearer all day.

The work week will begin with a Monday start, you could encounter a few showers. Afternoons on Monday are mostly cloudy with highs around 60-70 degrees. On Tuesday the Southeast will be witness to the beginnings of a pressure building. The forecast is for mostly sunny skies with less humidity, with temperatures of the mid 60s to low 70s for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

In the last update on tropical conditions according to the most recent tropical update, Tropical Cyclone Ian is moving towards the north through the Carolinas. In the evenings of the weekend and early Saturday morning, we are likely to see sustained gusts over 40 mph, aswell with heavy rain and the possibility of flooding.

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