10 months ago

IBM abandoned the development of face recognition systems amid protests in the United States

10 months ago

The US company IBM announced the cessation of work on face recognition technology, said CEO Arvind Krishna in a letter to the US Congress. He noted that IBM is against the technologies used “for mass surveillance and violation of basic human rights and freedoms.”

The company suggested that the United States refuse to purchase technology from other suppliers. IBM also announced the need to start a national dialogue on how to use face recognition technology in law enforcement. According to Krishna, the company would like to work with Congress to ensure justice and racial equality.

In the United States since the end of May, nationwide protests against racism and brutal police actions have continued. They began after the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd through the fault of a policeman. The first actions took place on May 26 in Minneapolis, later they turned into clashes and spread to other cities in the United States. In New York, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, a curfew was introduced to deter protests.

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