10 months ago

IBM abandons face recognition technology

10 months ago

IBM has announced that it will stop selling its face recognition technology to customers, including police departments. This move prompted other companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft, to do the same.

IBM will no longer provide face recognition technology for mass surveillance, especially race detection, Arvind Krishna, chief executive officer of IBM, wrote in a letter to Congress.

According to him, such a technology can be used by the police to violate “fundamental human rights and freedoms,” and this will be contrary to the company’s values. “We believe that now is the time to start a nationwide dialogue on whether to use face recognition technology in local law enforcement and how to do it,” Krishna said.

“Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can help law enforcement ensure the safety of citizens. But manufacturers and users of AI systems have a shared responsibility to ensure that the product is checked for bias, especially when used in law enforcement, ”said Krishna.

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