Ikea “kills” its catalog for the first time in 70 years

Ikea "kills" its catalog for the first time in 70 years

Ikea rejects the idea of publishing an annual catalog the size of the Bible after 70 years of publication.

In a statement Ikea said that the company “made an emotional but rational decision – to complete a successful career of printed and digital versions of the catalog. “Giving up our favorite catalog is actually a natural process as media consumption and customer behavior has changed,” said Konrad Grüss, Ikea’s CEO.

The first Ikea catalog was released in Swedish in 1951. The first double version (online and print) was released in 2000, and at its peak in 2016, Ikea printed 200 million copies in 32 languages for 50 markets.

Ikea has increasingly shifted its focus to digital sales and marketing. Online sales grew strongly during the pandemic as millions of people turned their homes into improvised schools and offices. Sales grew by 45 percent in 12 months, with 4 billion hits on the company’s website. However, its warehouse-sized stores and favorite cafes remain an integral part of the company’s growth plan.

Catalog 2021, released in October, will be the final version. Next year Ikea will release a small book, which will be “filled with great inspiration and knowledge about home furnishings” and will be dedicated to the history of the catalog.