Ilon Mask told how the first colonists will live on Mars

The head of SpaceX conceived to build a colony on Mars to “make man an interplanetary view.

The inhabitants of the first Martian city will first live under the “glass domes”, but the planet will eventually be “terraformed to sustain life as on Earth,” said Ilon Mask. Inverse writes about it.

According to Musk, the process of change of Mars will “go on for a long time and will not give significant results throughout our lives,” but the first colony may appear in the near future.

“And even if something terrible happens and humanity dies, at least some future space civilization will be impressed that people have gone so far as to discover our ruins,” said Musk.

The entrepreneur himself believes that he “definitely does not live to see Mars colonizing” if technological progress is not accelerated.

However, SpaceX is making every effort to launch a new generation of spacecraft as soon as possible, capable of descending to the surface of the Moon and Mars and delivering up to 150 tons of cargo or 100 passengers.

It is known that part of the plan to colonize Mars is the launch of the global satellite network Starlink, which will help the company with financing the construction of missiles.