“I’m dying, run”: Mother died in front of her daughter when the guy stabbed her with 14 stabs

A resident of Queens (New York) was arrested on charges of brutal murder. A man stabbed his 45-year-old girl with a knife in the chest and neck – while the daughter of the deceased watched in horror.

According to the prosecution, Carmelo Mendoza, 41, inflicted a total of 14 stabs on his girlfriend Yaklin Collado, after which he wounded himself in the stomach. According to investigators, the incident began with a skirmish between a couple, the cause of which is not currently known. At some point, Kollado asked her 19-year-old daughter to leave for her room, not wanting her to hear Yaklin and Mendoza quarrel – however, the girl ran out when her mother screamed.

Daughter Kollado told the detectives that she saw Mendoza stabbing a woman and tried to pull her away from her mother, but she could not stop. Then Collado supposedly told her in Spanish: “I am dying, run.” Arriving at the girl’s call, police found Collado and Mendoza in a pool of blood. The woman was already dead, the attacker was taken to the hospital, where he is still. If Mendoza is found guilty, he will face a life sentence.