Immediately 18 members of one family became infected with COVID-19 after a birthday party

10 months ago

Eighteen family members from North Texas tested positive at COVID-19 after attending a surprise birthday party in late May.

One man was sick and did not know about it, and came to the feast. That was enough to catch a large family, says Texan Ron Barbosa.

Barbosa, an ambulance volunteer, and his doctor wife decided not to attend the party held by his nephew for security reasons. It was his nephew who had a slight cough, and he most likely caught the virus at work. After the holiday, all the guests fell ill, among them – two young children, elderly parents and a sister who is fighting breast cancer. The oldest member of the family, Frank Barbosa, was in the intensive care unit.

In Texas, the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to grow, and on Thursday 5,996 new cases were recorded after a two-day record high of over 6,000.

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