In a creepy video, a group of teenagers beats a pregnant mother and her little daughter

In an eyewitness video, a group of teenagers beat a pregnant mother from Brooklyn, Illinois – and at some point one of the attackers even beats her helpless daughter

As can be seen in the recording, which immediately went viral on Twitter, two teenage girls pounced on the victim when she was standing at the house with the child, and, pulling her hair, knocked her to the ground. Then they started hitting the woman on the head while another girl was filming the event on her mobile phone. At some point, a boy joined the group, striking a sobbing baby who was standing nearby with a jump kick. After that, as if nothing had happened, he joined the beating, ignoring the child who fell to the ground. According to The Sun, in a Facebook post, the boy’s mother defended him, claiming that her son was “not one to hit children” and hit the baby “accidentally.”

Local police said they are currently investigating the incident and have already interviewed the victim, who was able to identify the attackers. Their names were not released until charges were filed. The victim received minor head injuries, however, according to sources, her life is not in danger.