In a scandalous video, a Harvard graduate promised to attack anyone who says “All Lives Matter”

A graduate of Harvard University said she has received threats since she published a scandalous video in TikTok in which she promises to attack anyone who says that “all lives matter.”

Clayrah Djannover, who received a diploma this May, attracted the attention of social networks when she promised to “kick” anyone who uses the expression “All Lives Matter” on the video. “I will kick you,” says a Connecticut native on the record. “And while you bleed, I’ll show you cut yourself with paper, and I’ll say: it’s also important.”

On Tuesday, June 30, Dzhannover deleted the record, but soon a new post appeared on her page in social networks in which the girl said that she now regularly receives threats and insulting messages from ill-wishers. She also emphasized that the video was “just a joke” – as described in the description for the video. “People accuse me of internal terrorism, the FBI, the Cambridge police and Harvard note in their posts. – the girl wrote – Some people really think that I pose a threat to someone’s life. ”

While some advocate for Dzhannover, indicating that her words were a metaphor and did not constitute a call for violence, others insist that her behavior was “inadequate” and “inciting hatred.” Some commentators went even further: for example, one of the users advised to “kick” Dzhannover in response to her statements, and the other said that she was “the only one whose life does not matter”. At the moment, Harvard has not commented on the incident.

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