In a viral video, a California student made a steak in a toaster

A University of Southern California student named Juliette became a star of TikTok by preparing two pieces of steak in a toaster. The girl’s video was already watched by 1.6 million people – many of them considered what was happening on the screen “disgusting”.

On the record made by the girl, you can see how she puts two slices of steak in the toaster, takes them out after a while and water the meat with sauce. Having eaten a piece, she shows the audience that the steaks are medium rare.

In a conversation with Metro, Juliette said that she cooked the steaks at the maximum temperature for 20 minutes – and assured that they were perfectly cooked. “The steak was amazing! – She said – I’m not saying this because I just want to prove my point. It’s just that the steak really came out great.

And, although the girl remained delighted with the meal, many users of social networks did not share her point of view. “I just witnessed the crime,” wrote one of the commentators. “It’s a good way to burn meat and still get infected with salmonella,” added the second.

By the way, you can enjoy steaks with blood as long as they are cooked at an internal temperature of 135°F. This ensures that the heat will kill the bacteria that can cause salmonella.

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