In a viral video, an angry client smashed a stand with protective masks in Target

A woman from Arizona has attracted the attention of social networks by posting a video on Instagram in which she tries to smash a booth with protective masks in the local Target.

On the recording, which has already been watched 6 million times, Melissa Rain Lively, the manager of a public relations company in Scottsdale, comes up to the stand with the words: “I’ve been waiting for this all my life.” Then the woman begins to toss masks — some of which are not packaged — onto the floor. “I’m not playing games here, Target,” she says at some point, “this shit is enough for me.” After that, two employees approach Lively. Alas, another angry tirade does not give them reassurance. “Something not like? – asks Lively – you allow everyone else to do so, but I can’t? Is it because I’m white with a rolex for 40 thousand? “

Later, the woman published another video, collecting 2.6 million views. It shows how policemen are walking through Lively’s garage, apparently who arrived in Target in connection with the incident. To the officers’ questions, the author of the video states that he cannot share “secret information”, since he is a representative of the White House.

After that, the policeman asks Lively to turn around, and she starts screaming that she’s “being treated like this because she is Jewish,” accusing the law enforcement officials of Nazism. On this record is interrupted. It is not known whether Lively was arrested.