In Afghanistan, the Taliban stabbed a pregnant policewoman to death in front of her family

In the Afghan province of Ghor, Taliban fighters killed a pregnant policewoman in front of her relatives. CNN’s website wrote about it.

Negar Masumi was working in the local prison and was eight months pregnant. Her son told reporters that the Taliban broke into their home, taking the woman and all her children outside. “They killed her in front of us. They stabbed her to death,” said Muhammad Hanif, the woman’s son.

CNN reports that the Taliban claim the Mujahideen had nothing to do with the killing. Bilal Karimi, a spokesman for the movement, told reporters that the woman may have been killed based on personal animosity. “We don’t have the final results of the investigation yet,” Karimi said.

CNN writes that the Taliban leadership still maintains that women in Afghanistan will play a meaningful public role.