In America, another round of Floyd-Madness

Hysteria in society, you cannot say otherwise. Those who disagree with the crowd are poisoning. People of art in particular.

“I know some of you think: hell, this black man is too radical. Yes, you’re right, ”Hawke Newsome, the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York, said.

To some, the phrase “whites should get out of the Bronx” in the old fashioned way may still seem like shameful racism, but now this is a completely respectable struggle against white supremacy. In response to silence: public opinion was gagged with political correctness.

African-American activists claim that all whites are racists. And the white people who came to the seminar on tolerance shyly look away.

“You will always be racist, even if you try to become better as people. Because I believe that whites are no longer human since birth, ”said Ashley Sheckelford, organizer of the“ Black lives matter. ”

Denial of everything that the crowd does not like has formed the basis of the new “culture of cancellation”. In fact, this is a total boycott. What used to be called civil execution. Those who disagree with the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement are squeezed out of creative unions and dismissed from work.

Scientists, writers, journalists even wrote an open letter: such a struggle for equality leads to the establishment of a real dictatorship.

From a letter: “Censorship is rooted deeper and deeper in our culture. It has become fashionable to stigmatize and persecute dissidents, express intolerance of dissent, and blur political issues with the intransigence of blind moralists. ”

To some signatories, however, the statement seemed too bold, so they even withdrew their signatures. But suddenly the liberal circle of the American intelligentsia was supported by Trump supporters and offered to repulse the invasion of the barbarians together.

“The letter looks a little cowardly. They claim it is against a culture of cancellation because it helps Trump. Why are they like this? Because they wrote a letter, but do not want to annoy the crowd. But still a good letter, guys, I’m glad you’re here. I’m ready to help you because you need help, ”said Fox News host Greg Gatfeld.

Like, for example, Joan Rowling. Since the beginning of summer, she has been persecuted for the so-called social racism – a series of statements that transgender people cannot deceive nature with any operations.

“A huge number of women are rightly scared by trans-activists. Many of them contact me. They’re afraid of speaking openly, afraid of losing their jobs or livelihoods, they’re afraid of violence, ”says Joan Rowling.

And now Harry Potter fan clubs are rubbing references to the author and urge them to read books, but forget about the one that wrote them.

“The only way is to strike at her influence so that business people decide that she is too toxic to work with her,” said film critic Lindsay Ellis.

Actress Halle Berry had recently planned to play a transgender movie.

“I want to study and understand this world, understand my hero, completely immerse myself in this image,” said the actress.

The progressive public was outraged. Berry, in order not to become “toxic”, immediately refused the role. I even had to apologize. The main complaint is that too few show real transgender people.

“I would like transgender people to have many movie roles so that they can be heard. Holly Berry or Scarlett Johansson are great actresses, but right now they are taking jobs, ”says singer Kisha Shante.

In computer games, it is now also desirable that at least one in ten characters be representatives of sexual minorities – this is the new standard of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Minorities in all colors of the rainbow set new conditions every day. African Americans at Washington University are protesting … against the session: “Black students should not fail the session this year, because they already suffer from a pandemic and psychological trauma. In this regard, we ask the university to suspend final exams for all black students in all faculties. ”

Teachers supported the idea. The accusation of racism puts an end to any academic career.

“Their identity comes down to an explanation: I am black, so I have access to some knowledge that others can never master. And all you can do is sit and keep quiet. If you are an ally, only silence is required of you, ”says writer Thomas Williams.

“Look, how this negro is behaving impudently: he would not give way to me if I had not shoved him aside. The question is, why this Negro will not be auctioned? ” Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Original sin! Hemingway, after all, said: all American literature came out of this book alone. By today’s standards, the works are completely racist. But will not those who roll forward the black wheel of the cultural revolution now prohibit all American literature because of this?