In an American city, protesters wanted to build a country of universal happiness

11 months ago

In the US city of Seattle, protesters from the ultra-left Antifa movement captured several city streets. There they wanted to build a state of universal happiness and justice there. About it writes The New York Post.

A group of protesters proclaimed the “People’s Republic of Capitol” and continues to capture more and more neighborhoods in the city. In particular, the building of the city administration turned out to be under the control of activists.

There are almost no pogroms in this part of the city, they are monitoring discipline there. At the same time, everyone is handed out light drugs and food. However, the products quickly ran out, and this action had to be suspended. Some vegan activists are trying to ban the consumption of meat and other food of animal origin on the territory of the “People’s Republic of Capitol”. Also, a number of radicals are proposing to introduce their own currency and their flag there.

Victoria Zhuravleva, head of the Center for North American Studies at IMEMO RAS, in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, explained that the protests in the US will not come to naught until the demands of activists are satisfied. In the case of Seattle, it is still unknown whether this is an initiative of the local cell of the movement, which in the United States was recognized as a terrorist, or centralized action.

Earlier it was reported that US authorities intend to arrest a number of organizers of the riots during the protests in recent weeks. US Attorney General William Barr said that during the protests there were cases when members of ultra-right groups tried to impersonate representatives of the ultra-left and vice versa in order to provoke violence.

In dozens of cities in the United States and other countries around the world since late May, protests against police brutality over the death in Minneapolis of black guard George Floyd, who died after a gross arrest, have been taking place. In some cases, the protests ended in riots, clashes with the police, robberies, looting and pogroms.

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