In Argentina, the pastor turned the church into a “bar” in protest against the quarantine

10 months ago

The evangelical church in the Argentine city of San Lorenzo opened as a bar in protest against the ban on religious services, despite the gradual weakening of quarantine throughout the country.

It is reported by The Guardian.

Inside the church, bar tables were placed, and pastors dressed as waiters carried copies of the Bible on trays.

“We are standing here today, dressed like this, with a tray, because it seems that this is the only way to serve the word of God,” said Pastor Daniel Cattaneo, opening the “worship bar”.

“We want to realize our constitutional right to profess our faith. Bars can open, shops can open, why do they discriminate against us? ” He added.

Although coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and its environs, the rest of the country remains relatively free of COVID-19.

The province of Santa Fe, where the church is located, was particularly successful in containing the virus and began quitting quarantine, including opening bars, but churches were still allowed to accept no more than 10 people.

Starting on Monday, bars and restaurants in Santa Fe are allowed to open from 7:00 to 23:00, with bandwidth up to 30%, and they must keep a register of all customers in case one of them later gives a positive result on coronavirus.

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