In Belgium, doctors gave the prime minister a “corridor of shame”: video

12 months ago

In Brussels, doctors and medical workers lined up in a “corridor of shame” during a meeting of the Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes’ motorcade.

This is reported by The Guardian.

The incident took place on May 17 at the Hospital Saint-Pierre, where Wilmes came to visit the medical institution and talk to the doctors.

Waiting for the Prime Minister, some 100 staff members, from administrative staff to janitors, lined up on both sides of the access road, and as the motorcade approached, their backs turned alternately to the car in which Wilmes was driving.

The doctors’ union explained that the health workers did so as a sign of dissatisfaction with the decisions of the authorities in the pandemic, in particular the order for compulsory medical overtime with insufficient financial support.

“Politicians are constantly turning away from us when we ask for help,” said one of the nurses, noting that hospitals are currently facing severe staff shortages.

Also the dissatisfaction of doctors in the country has caused, in their opinion, poor results in combating the epidemic, which in particular shows a high mortality rate – in the country more than 55 thousand cases of coronavirus have been confirmed and 9052 people have died.

At the same time, the prime minister said that the number of confirmed and lethal cases in Moldova may have been overestimated, which also caused indignation in the medical community.

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