In Biysk, a man went to pick mushrooms, and found a meteorite 5 million years old

In the Altai Territory, a mushroom picker found a meteorite 5 million years old. A piece of space metal was lying in a forest near Biysk. The stone, weighing half a kilo and measuring 5 x 10 centimeters, glittered and casted red. In addition, he attracted metal objects. Scientists later confirmed that this is a fragment of a meteorite.

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Anatoly Gusev said: “The reddish tint of the stone indicates the oxidation of iron. The stone is heavy – 530 grams, ordinary it weighs half as much. The density of this specimen is also very high, 5.3 grams per cubic centimeter, and it is already comparable to the density of an iron meteorite. Besides, it is magnetite, which means it consists of pure native iron. “

The found meteorite, according to scientists, is about five million years old. When falling, he either hit an obstacle, or ended up on the surface as a result of natural disasters. As reported by the Altai State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, which is broadcast on the Russia 1 TV channel, the man donated the find to the Museum of the Humanitarian and Pedagogical University. By the way, more than a dozen meteorites are already stored there.

Anatoly Gusev shared: “We have a lot of meteorites in our collection – iron, iron-stone, chondrites, carbonaceous chondrites. Every year we find something. As there are two meteorite fall routes across the Altai Territory: sub-latitudinal and sub-meridional. And in Biysk we often we see meteorites falling. The only thing is, if a person does not know what a stone looks like, then he will not pay attention to it. “

Biysk scientists would like to determine the age and structure of the last meteorite with maximum accuracy, but for this they will have to go to St. Petersburg.