In Britain, a 106-year-old woman survived two world wars and COVID-19

4 months ago

Staff at a nursing home in British St. Helen’s welcomed Mary Nicholson with a birthday song and cake on Jan. 12. Mary managed to recover from the coronavirus and returned from the hospital just in time for her 106th birthday.

Mary, a survivor of two world wars, fell ill just before New Year’s Eve, but managed the virus in two weeks and assures that she feels “healthier than ever.” “Fighting and independent,” the centenarian, who was nicknamed Polly, said it was a “wonderful feeling” to break out of hospital isolation and find so many cards and gifts waiting for her, Metro writes.

“I’ve been acting great, I’m happy and enjoying myself. I used to have a cough, but now I feel better. I can’t tell you how wonderful my birthday has been. It feels wonderful to find the cards and gifts I was given. It’s nice to be able to celebrate after we’ve been in isolation because of the virus. I feel good and nothing can hold me back. I will be back to normal as soon as I can. I can’t wait to see my family, I love them all, they are the whole world to me,” Polly said.

“It’s pretty hard to give a gift to the 106-year-old birthday girl, but we made her a basket with her favorite sweets – licorice and black currants, lemon sherbet, mints, etc. I think she’s happy today,” the nursing home employee shared.

When asked what helps her to be energetic, healthy and strong in her 100-odd years she said: “To drink fat milk, eat cream and butter and a glass of whiskey at night”, writes the portal Tyla.

Polly was born January 12, 1915, shortly after the outbreak of World War I. She was five years old when her mother died, and five years later – her father. Polly was a cook in the mess hall and lived a hard life. But she always maintained a cheerful attitude. Never married or with children, Polly cared for her terminally ill sister Jeanne and then for her daughter.

Recall that in December, a 104-year-old woman was cured of the coronavirus in Spain. The long-lived woman was discharged from a Madrid hospital after a two-week hospital stay.

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