In Britain, a baby was born weighing 340 grams

Baby Theo Taylor stopped growing in the mother’s womb on week 26. The baby had no chance to survive further bearing the fetus. And then the English doctors decided to try to save him.

The boy’s father says that a few days before Theo’s appearance the doctors offered the couple an interruption of pregnancy.

The boy’s mother says: ‘Our son is a real fighter. Even before he appeared, everyone told us that he is not viable. After he came to this world, they said he wouldn’t survive anyway.

For the first time mom was allowed to hold the baby in her arms only 2 weeks after birth. In general, Theo spent about six months in the maternity hospital, which allowed him to get stronger and avoid many problems that premature babies face.

But Theo is not a record-breaker.

About 4 years ago, in a German clinic, a girl was born with a cutlet weight of 226 grams. The little girl managed to achieve a normal weight after spending the whole 9 months in an incubator. But the main thing is that she survived.

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