In Britain, a schoolboy threw a disco party in the men’s room

In Britain, a schoolboy threw a disco party in the men's room

In the English town of Ermston, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, a 12-year-old boy threw a full-blown party in his school’s toilets.

Cal Bell organized the event himself; he ran an ad the week before the party in which he invited eighth graders to disco in the men’s room during lunch break. On the day “X” he carried all the necessary equipment to the school and plugged it in, he also brought soda and candy bars, which he handed out to all the guests at the entrance.

Of course, the event did not go unnoticed by the teachers, who arrived half an hour later, dispersed the crowd, and confiscated the equipment.

School administrators immediately contacted the parents of the party organizer and reported what had happened, but this did not upset the child’s mother in the slightest.

“It’s been a terrible year, and I just can’t be mad at my boy for trying to make everyone happy,” she admitted and noted that she did not punish the child.