In Brooklyn, a march in support of trans-African Americans

A rally called “Black trans lives matter” in Brooklyn gathered a huge number of people – thousands came to support activists who defend the rights of transgender African-Americans.

Black Lives Matter protests continue throughout the country, and now thousands of New Yorkers have taken another march, now in favor of those who have changed sex. Among other participants, the sister of Layleen Polanco, a transgender woman who died in a prison on Rickers Island last year after an epileptic seizure in solitary confinement, came to the march.

Protesters gathered in the courtyard of the Brooklyn Museum and its adjoining boulevard to defend two deeply marginalized groups. The rally began at about 1 pm. After about two hours, the participants began to march north, led by the organizers. The action was supported by non-profit organizations, the Marcha P. Johnson Institute, the Okra Project, and Black Trans Femmes in Arts.

The rally took place a few days after transgender women were killed in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The body of Dominic “Rem`mie” Falls was discovered in the Shuylkill River in southwest Philadelphia, and there are traces of severe beatings on her body. The next day, Ria Milton was shot dead in Liberty Township, while trying to rob.